Core Services

  • Education and Scholarships

    Education is the ultimate enabler. We are committed to expanding Indigenous capacity, through creating opportunities for further education, vocational learning, cultural learning, and pathways for Indigenous students that will ultimately allow them to enjoy richer, more fulfilling careers.

    Enable focuses in 3 key areas;

    1) scholarships – working with community groups, including local schools to explore opportunities for Indigenous students to apply for scholarships that will further enhance their learning journey

    2) vocational and employment based learning – developing targeted learning programs for Indigenous employees to further enhance their job skills and knowledge, by engaging Registered Training Organisations, and providing access to online, self-paced learning. Providing a structure for employee Personal Development Programs

    3) cultural awareness training – all employees should benefit from developing a richer understanding of the worlds oldest culture a more holistic approach that can include both Indigenous and non-indigenous employees, as well as partners and vendors. This can be both classroom based, and online.

    In addition to being Directors of Enable, Michael and James are co-founders of the GO Foundation (

  • Employment

    Enable assists its partners to develop sustainable approaches to Indigenous recruitment, ultimately fed by our approach to building additional job-ready capacity through focus on Education. Working closely with your HR team, we assist in developing strong relationships with specialist recruiters, creating a respectful workplace that helps improve staff retention, and developing strategies that set you apart as “the place to work”.

    Our approach is a complementary one – we work with existing stakeholders (internal and external) to minimise additional overhead (time and cost), integrated into all areas of the business, at all levels.

    We begin by undertaking a baseline assessment of your current environment; targets and specific metrics you are working towards, relationships, support programs, internal sponsorship, training and certification requirements, set against your projected hiring volumes by role type, location, and timing.

    Once we have established a firm baseline, we provide you with a report describing your current and future demand.

    In the next phase, we explore supply – assessing the external market for specialist recruitment organisations that work in your area, engaging community stakeholders to better understand what programs (if any) are in place that are focusing on return to work, and what incentives might be available to further enable your program.

  • Procurement

    The Federal Governments’ Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) is focused on developing a much stronger and diverse economy of highly skilled indigenous businesses, capable of providing a myriad of products and services to every organisation in every corner of the Australian market. Member based organisations such as Supply Nation, local Indigenous Chambers of Commerce, and business hubs such as the recently launched Yarpa in Western Sydney.

    Enable operates at the intersection between client demand and market based supply. We work with Indigenous business owners on comprehensive Supplier Readiness Assessments, working to address gaps so that our clients have access to as broad a selection of potential suppliers as possible. Evaluating current and future spend commitments, and mapping those commitments against local suppliers, lets us develop a multi year approach to indigenous engagement that enables you to meet or exceed your procurement spend targets.

  • Culture & Heritage

    As an overlay across all focus areas of the Aboriginal Master Plan, Enable will work with you to develop and maintain deep mutual relationships with the communities in which you operate. During major earthworks programs, we will work with all parties to ensure processes are in place and being adhered to, that address the specific needs of the Traditional Owners and other Indigenous Stakeholders. Having a complete set of processes agreed upfront will reduce the potential for dispute, and generate faster, more cost-effective resolution and response.